My first massage interview

Check out my first ever massage interview!

Here I am with the chair massage winner Annie Sherburne

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The 2 “must know” acupoints for fainting

Fainting is when someone loses consciousness and falls to the ground. This happens as not enough blood is flowing to the brain.

The main causes are hunger, standing or sitting for long periods of time, and emotional stress.

When someone has come back round after fainting allow them to get back up in their own time

If someone doesn’t come back round after a few mins this could be more serious and requires further assistance.

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Forward head posture? Try this



What is it?

Forward head posture is when the Cervical vertebrae (spinal bones in the neck) position is more anterior than what is considered normal.

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Are you having difficulty getting to sleep or keep waking up intermittently in the night? Has this been happening every night? Then you may be suffering with insomnia

Insomnia also includes quality of sleep. Not getting the quality of sleep you need has an effect on other areas of your day to day life. Feeling tired during the day due to lack of sleep means we go into work lacking energy and concentration to complete tasks to our full potential ,tiredness resulting from insomnia affects our moods making relationships suffer too.

Traditional Chinese Medical look at Insomnia

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Jaw ache? TMJ? TMJD? Try this



TMJ or TMJD is a muscle and bone dysfunction of the jaw joint. Symptoms like pain, discomfort, restricted movement, clicking sounds are linked with this condition.

Some causes could be trauma, genetics, and overuse (sometimes caused by stress eg grinding teeth).

This disorder can also lead to headaches and neck aches as this condition can aggravate the surrounding tissues.

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Heel pain? Plantar fasciitis? Try this



Heel pain, or more specifically for this blog plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the insertion site of the plantar fascia which is situated on the sole of foot near the heel bone or calcaneus. This condition can affect people who are on their feet for several hours a day. This condition is caused by repeatedly straining the plantar fascia. People who wear the wrong shoes, are overweight, or have tight calf muscles are more likely to experience this condition.

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Piriformis syndrome is a pain in the arse

What is Piriformis syndrome?

Piriformis syndrome is a condition where the piriformis muscle goes into spasm or becomes inflamed which can lead to the nearby nerve (sciatic nerve) to also be affected creating sciatica.

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