Sore Thumbs? click here

This is a quick vid for another Massage Therapist asking for help. If you’re in the same situation try this and see how you get on.


Carpal tunnel syndrome? Try this



What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist/hand condition causing pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of dexterity through to the fingers from having the median nerve compressed.

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Want Glowing skin? Read this



Having recently asked my facebook friends what they would want me to blog about I had one of my friends asked me to write about how to get glowing skin. This is a topic I remember having a conversation about with during my acupuncture course with another student, I remember him saying that he wouldn’t want to work with people who were only thinking about beauty and not on health. I then got thinking that if someone complains why their face has prematurely aged then how did they get there? When I asked myself that question the answer became obvious, the way we look after ourselves shows in our bodies, our personalities, and of course our faces! The main bulk of  what I will cover is lifestyle changes that will benefit our whole being which will show up not only in our faces, but in our bodies, our personalities , and the way we carry ourselves. What I will offer is not a quick fix but the investment into yourself will be of far more benefit overall than just applying topical treatments without addressing the underlying causes.

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Hayfever? Try this

Spring is upon us, for some that also means itching eyes, sneezing, and runny nose. Have a click on this, try it and let me know what you think

Neck pain? Try this

I went to my favourite health food shop today just before starting my shift at the the clinic and the two members of staff were chatting about having neck pains and headaches. I gave them the following self help advice to ease some discomfort and I thought writing this down would be a good point of reference not only for the people I was talking to today but for anyone who is feeling in pain and discomfort to use when needed.

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Why the focus on weight and not on overall health?



This blog has been inspired by many people who have asked me to give them advice on weight loss.


I must admit that I am not a Personal Trainer or a fitness professional, what I am about to write is not going to be based on specific exercises or diet but more to do with how we approach treating our minds and bodies and maybe through doing this we may be doing far more to benefit our lives than just losing a few excess pounds.

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Back pain? Try this

Self care for back pain

This blog has been inspired by someone I used to teach but is now based far away from me. So what happens when you have back pain and can’t get treatment straight away? In this blog I will give you a few tips that could save you a mountain of pain and discomfort and help you get through until you get professional help.

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Welcome to my first Maxstrength Holistics blog


This is my first blog post ever!

To start I would like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at this section. Before I go into detail about anything specific regarding therapies and yoga I’d just like to answer the 2 main questions people have asked me before I started this site:-

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