” I have been coming to James’ classes weekly for more than six months now.  When I started this class, I found it very challenging and tough.  So I am pleasantly surprised that I have managed to sustain my practice and discipline for this long.  This is no small part due to the atmosphere and structure of the class.  James has created a stimulating yet non-intimidating environment, where people can proceed at their own pace.  The class starts with sequence of poses covering the entire body, which work on your strength, flexibility and balance. The latter part of the class is more relaxing with emphasis on stretching, breathing and relaxing. Overall, these sessions have been energising and increase my feeling of wellbeing. ” Meera , Scientist


It was a real treat having a massage done by James – I felt totally relaxed and revived. Having had a spinal fusion due to scoliosis of the spine I always have to explain my medical history to someone new before a massage.  James was very responsive to this and ensured that I was comfortable during the massage. I would most definitely recommend his services to others and, very conveniently, he can come to you!  Zoe,  contributor to The Food Chain Charity


After the first massage with James, I felt completely relaxed and noticed that the tension I usually keep in my neck and shoulders had released.  James is courteous, professional and thorough in his treatment which further helped me to relax.  I would encourage anyone to book a massage with him! Damien, contributor to The Food Chain Charity


“James is by far the best massage, acupuncture and cupping therapist I have come across. I have been treated by him for several years and can honestly say that he has the skill of treating people down to perfection. There is no doubt that you will benefit from his treatments and they are well worth trying.

I have had deep tissue massage from him in both Indonesian and tuina styles, and felt so good both during the sessions and afterwards everytime, he uses the right amount of pressure and his technique is flawless. I received acupuncture treatments for a variety of reasons including quitting smoking, stress relief during exam periods, and other reasons, and his diagnosis of which points to use is very quick and the treatments always had a quick and lasting effect. In addition to this I have had several sessions of cupping from him which always helped me to breathe clearly and helped my body feel much more lose and relaxed.

Added to all of this James has a very friendly and professional manner, is extremely dedicated to his work, and has a total commitment to the client getting the most from his treatments. He has a very calm, relaxing energy that will put you at ease and is exceptional at providing a quality service. Thank you James” William , Club Promoter


“I met James at my home yoga studio ,when he became my favourite teacher. He runs a fantastic dynamic vinyasa flow class ,with  a great ability to aim a class at all levels of ability.

He also now treats my whole family ,including my ballet dancing daughter, with his wonderful massage & healing.  His background in dance ,yoga  & knowledge of the body gives him an amazing insight into the pain & strain we all experience. ” Claire , Textiles Professional


“Had a series of massages that actually saved my sanity. I slept properly for 6 months and was mad. Had a number of sessions but slept like a baby after just the first. I will be forever grateful.” Angela , Court Administrator.


“My massage from James left me feeling completely free from any knots or tight areas whilst at the same time stretched, relaxed and a feeling of lightness. He has a natural ability to find stubborn spots in the body and with strong yet gentle pressure manages to release them. James created a friendly and open atmosphere and was highly professional in his delivery of the massage. I would highly recommend one to anybody.” Georgina , School Teacher