Carpal tunnel syndrome? Try this



What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a wrist/hand condition causing pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of dexterity through to the fingers from having the median nerve compressed.



Carpal tunnel can happen to people with pre-existing wrist inflammation eg swelling/bruising resulting from impact such as a fall, arthritis, pregnancy, and obesity.  Repetitive strain movements like typing, piano playing, or working with vibrating equipment could perhaps be some of the possible causes.


Main treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome are physiotherapy, cortisone injection, wearing a splint, and surgery (this involves cutting the flexor retinaculum ligament to take pressure off the nerve).

Preventative measures

Avoid doing things that aggravate your condition

If you work at a desk get an ergonomic assessment and make any physical changes to make movements more efficient.


Self help tips


The following exercises, self massage, and acupoint instructions are intended to ease some discomfort are not intended to replace medical treatment. Please seek medical help if symptoms persist and discuss all available options if you wish to avoid surgery.


Self massage

  1. Squeeze and knead forearm. 2minutes


  1. Forearm roll. 2 minutes

  1. Wrist rolling. 2 minutes

  1. Using something stick shaped knead acupoint Pericardium 7, located on the anterior wrist crease and between the flexor carpi radialis and flexi carpi palmaris tendon. 2 minutes

5.Wrist extension stretch-hold for 30 seconds and rest. Repeat 3 times

Give this a try and please let me know how you get on. For more specific help do get in touch direct and I will do what I can.



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