Forward head posture? Try this



What is it?

Forward head posture is when the Cervical vertebrae (spinal bones in the neck) position is more anterior than what is considered normal.



Neck pain, headache, migraine, discomfort between shoulder blades. Forward head posture is often accompanied with a khyphotic curve (rounded back) which shortens the pectoral muscles and makes breathing less efficient.



In some cases the bones may be formed in such a way that the forward neck posture is something that we are born with, in this case the following stretches and exercises may not correct the positioning of the neck but is can help relieve some pain and discomfort resulting from this condition.

The other cause is poor posture. Sitting poorly behind a desk for prolonged periods of time or using the mobile phone looking down are some examples.


What is the normal treatment?

Some work places offer ergonomic assessments, this will include arranging your work space in such a way that your posture is in a healthier position reducing the chances of experiencing this condition and many others.

Physiotherapy is the main treatment for ongoing issues of this kind which can include exercises and dry needling.


What Can I do?


The following instructions are designed to ease some pain and discomfort from having a forward head posture. The instructions given is not designed to replace medical treatment or diagnosis. In this section I have broken the steps into self massage, mobilisation, and stretching.


Self massage

  1. interlace fingers and squeeze behind neck

2.Interlace fingers and use thumbs behind neck

3.Grab and turn neck


1 shoulder circles

  1. neck circles


3 tea cup exercise

  1. yoga wheel and variations


4. cobra strike


1 forward flexion stretch  with variations

Try this and see how you get on. For further help get in touch on

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