Heel pain? Plantar fasciitis? Try this



Heel pain, or more specifically for this blog plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the insertion site of the plantar fascia which is situated on the sole of foot near the heel bone or calcaneus. This condition can affect people who are on their feet for several hours a day. This condition is caused by repeatedly straining the plantar fascia. People who wear the wrong shoes, are overweight, or have tight calf muscles are more likely to experience this condition.

I have Plantar fasciitis what do I do?

If you experience any pain whatsoever get medical help straight away. Your medical provider will assess you through checking your feet and maybe posture and asking you various healthcare questions. You may be sent to a podiatrist to get the right foot wear or be prescribed pain killing medication while the condition is going through the healing process.


How can I prevent this from happening again?

  1. Avoid doing activities that aggravate the condition
  2. Work towards getting to a healthy weight if not already.
  3. Follow advice given by Doctor/podiatrist
  4. Rest
  5. If calves are tight, stretch.

Self help

The following information is designed to help ease some pain and discomfort and not intended to replace medical treatment. Always seek medical help. I will cover some self massage and stretching techniques.

Foot rolling

Use a foot roller. Place on floor and roll up and down sole of foot. Move the roller towards the area of pain gradually increasing the pressure if pain is starting to ease.

Stick rolling on calf

Use a long stick and slide up and down calf


Calf stretch using wall or chair (see illustration)

Tie your shoes stretch (see illustration)

For further help get in touch. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions below.

3 thoughts on “Heel pain? Plantar fasciitis? Try this”


That’s great James! Thanks so much. I haven’t had a flare up for a while now (fingers crossed) but I will definitely use these exercises as prevention!

    James Carolan

    I’m glad you haven’t had a flare up in a while. If you would like me to write on anything else please let me know.


Thank you. Have been silently suffering for a few months now. Will try these exercises.

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