Welcome to my first Maxstrength Holistics blog


This is my first blog post ever!

To start I would like to thank you for taking the time to have a look at this section. Before I go into detail about anything specific regarding therapies and yoga I’d just like to answer the 2 main questions people have asked me before I started this site:-

Why the name maxstrength holistics?

I came up with the name maxstrength holistics to put across a natural therapies/yoga title that delivers a deep, effective, and straight to the point service. Having been involved in therapies for over 10 years I hear many comments describing massage as “a treat”, “just a luxury”, “something to buy a loved one on a special occasion”, or “a bit of pampering”. Having a name “Maxstrength holistics” I feel takes massage/natural therapies away from the general relaxation/beauty environment found in a luxury spa or salon and into a space which addresses pain and stress in a targeted manner.

When it comes to yoga classes I aim to encourage attenders to work towards their limits and gradually move forward  over the months and years  in a safe manner to help them ease tension in muscles through deep stretching bringing more ease of movement to the body. Deep breathing throughout the class is taught to increase concentration, composure, and calm.  We leave enough time at the end to wind down, practice deep relaxation techniques, and settle into a centring meditation to leave you fully recharged to take on life.  Expect a challenging class which at the same time is not intimidating, modifications are given to work with your level.


Why start a blog?

Having a blog will give me a platform to write and talk about various health topics and how we can work towards improving our overall state of wellbeing. A blog is a good place for anyone reading a chance to ask questions or contribute information and will give me more ideas to generate blogs/vlogs specifically targeted to address your interests. In the next few weeks I plan to add blogs based upon what I’ve learned over the years and maybe include interviews with other professionals


until next time please  feel free to look around this site let me know what you think!

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